Upper Deck Certified

Upper Deck Autheniticated

The Best Ever is proud to say every limited edition piece has been authenticated by Upper Deck.

Upper Deck revolutionized authentication of memorablia using sophisticated printing technology to improve the overall quality of products and adding a trademark hologram that prevented them from being counterfeited. Upper Deck utilizes a patented five-step authentication process which guarantees the autographs are genuine.

The heart of the five-step process is the company’s policy that an Upper Deck representative must witness each autograph signed by high-profile athletes including Michael Jordan — arguably the most counterfeited signature in the world today.

Today Upper Deck dedicates more resources than any other sports collectibles and memorabilia company to ensure the authenticity of its products.

All this is why The Best Ever, Inc. chose Upper Deck to authenticate the autographs of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman on the limited edition photograph.